Tuesday, 8 December 2009

When A Man Loves A Woman

To be perfectly honest, this post was never intended to be written due to the personal nature of the content within. I feel that at least one of my dearest blogging friends, the very beautiful Pat, will be dismayed as she takes in the tale I am about to unfold.

The bond between husband and wife is a very precious one, and although I admittedly did play the field during my younger days (why are you all immediately thinking of Madame DeFarge?) I have never once broken my sacred vows to Siobhan.

However... a man has many needs during his lifetime and not all of them can be slaked by whisky and the company of his pals. Inevitably, during the course of married life, especially when the children are grown, and away fae the nest, a gap can appear between husband and wife, and that gap needs to be filled.

I didn’t set out intentionally to go behind Siobhan’s back; it was never my intention to make secret phone calls, or to rendezvous with a woman some five years younger than her good self. It started by sheer coincidence one evening whilst I was recovering from the first bout of the silliness with my health.

I came across a particular website which advertised a service slightly unusual than most. It was for those who are interested in certain things that are not often talked about outside of certain groups of people, especially those who are not into shall we say... horny things.

I made the initial contact with a very polite sounding woman, and unusual for me, we exchanged contact numbers, and discussed a fee for exactly what it was that I had in mind.

We met on several occasions after that, and things happened by way of Mother Nature, and it wasn’t long before we became excited about our little secret, and the meetings became more and more frequent. It felt great to be able to fill the need that had so long been missing between Siobhan and me for a number of years.

Yes, the guilt of the secret wore heavily on my mind, but the planning and the meetings between me and this particular lady was beginning to be so much fun. I admit that some nights as I lay next to Siobhan, my mind wandered back to where I had been only hours before.

Last week I received the phone call that I had long awaited, and I made a mad dash fae my home to be by her side when the kid was born. The feeling was immense, and the paternal instincts kicked in immediately and I was able to participate in the feeding, and the naming of our newborn kid.

Obviously with Christmas just around the corner, I have to pick the right moment to introduce Siobhan to the little one, so tomorrow morning I have chosen to be the day when I drive her across to my lady friend’s farm, and for the very first time she will see the beautiful creation in all of her wonderful glory.

Yes.. you guessed it. Tomorrow I will give Siobhan an early Christmas present of a tiny wee goat. I’ve named her ‘Beauty’ after the most precious woman in my life that is soon to be her new mammy.

Ahhh come on. You didn’t really think I was talking about anything else now, did you?

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